Inspired from the works of Malta’s first recognised female poet, Mary Meilak, and named after her 1947 poem “Dawra Misterjuża” (“A Mysterious Journey”) this collection is the epitomy of her fantastical view of the world around her.

Born in 1905 in Victoria Gozo, Meilak started writing poetry at the age of 25 during a time when the female voice was not the most heard in the country, and quickly establishing herself as pretty much the only feminine voice in Maltese romantic poetry.

“Jekk jien nghidilkom illi b’mohhi nimxi, Wisq aktar minn b’saqajja”
“If I tell you that I’ve been walking much more with my mind than with my legs”
Meilak’s vision has inspired a collection that features close-up prints of Malta’s unique characteristics, namely: the Triton Fountain, jellyfish, unicorn statues found on numerous facades in the capital, Maltese lace and filigree details from a unique piece that belongs to the Palazzo Falson collection – all mixed with excerpts from Meilak’s poetry.
Charles & Ron used a mix of silk taffeta, mikado, cotton, organza, hand-beaded tulle and chiffon for this collection. Embroidered denim embellishes some of the pieces from the men’s collection. Hues of Lime Green, Turquoise Sea, Purple Sky, Pink, Lilac, Red Orange , Blue, Peach Cream and Filigree Silver all set off against staple White and some Black accents resulted in a very colourful palette to further enhance the fantasy themed designs.
The S/S21 designs are paired with a selection of new bag designs which are hand-made in Malta, in fine Italian leather. New glitter effect leather is introduced and combined with graphic print on the new bag designs.