On Saturday 8th September 2018 Charles & Ron launched their new collection during New York Fashion Week. The show was part of the Art Hearts Fashion Week supported by Aids Health Care and was held at the Neo Gothic NYC landmark the Angel Orensanz Foundation. 

316 km2 might be a small size for a country but it is enough for Charles & Ron to be inspired over the past years. This season is no exception and staying true to their Mediterranean roots the designers drew inspiration from Malta & Gozo’s towns and villages which are mostly build in Lime Stone and often painted in a mishmash of pastel colours. This set the tone for the colour palette of the Spring/Summer 2019 collection

Sunburst Orange, Sunflower Yellow, Light Sky Blue, Lilac and Mint. All paired with C&R staple shades of Black and white.

Charles & Ron juxtaposed these urban colour inspirations with drawings of some of Malta’s most iconic animals. Some species endemic to the islands like the Wall Lizard and the Fresh Water Crab and some others not, but typically and traditionally associated with the islands like the Maltese Falcon and the Dolphin Fish.

Finding a balance between urban areas and nature is difficult anywhere let alone in of the smallest countries in the world, so a spotlight on some of these animals which risk extinction is important.

Charles & Ron used Silk, Chiffon, soft Tulle, light wash Denim, Cotton knit and a new introduction is the embroidered denim fabric. The beaded gowns are all hand-made and just like all the other graphic print designs they are designed in house.

The new collection is paired with large shopper style bags in matching prints and the hand-made leather bags and belts are made from finest Italian leather. Shoes, boots and custom jewellery pieces are also all designed by C&R. 

Soundtrack for the show was a special edit by the Maltese/Gozitan band The Travelers and consists of a mix of tracks from their latest albums.

C&R: “ A summer day on Malta or Gozo might take you from a village to a bar and later a beautiful beach. We wanted this collection to truly capture the spirit of island life. Small towns, villages and iconic spots like Glen Eagles Bar in the harbor of Gozo really capture that spirit. Images of the bar, pictures from beautiful Xwejni Bay, traditional house façade’s and the idea of putting some iconic animals in the spotlight set us off on the design journey for Spring/Summer 2019”